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The Castlegate Group's Tenant Leasing Department

The Castlegate Group has an extensive network of rental homes throughout Metro Atlanta and the surrounding cities. The benefit to you, the future tenant, is the protection of being represented by a Real Estate Brokerage.


Trying out the Neighborhood

  • Leasing a home gives tenants ample time to "try out" a neighborhood to see if they might want to pruchase the home (or any home) in that particular area. It gives tenants an opportunity to test the local school for their children and decide if it is working well enough to want to live there long term

  • Spending 6 to 12 months in the neighborhood gives tenants time to meet neighbors and determine if they like it well enough to stay longer


Lease to Own

  • A lease is much easier to obtain than a mortgage. Many times, no large down payment or deposit is required. If you have found a home that you really like and are not able to buy, perhaps the owner will lease it to you with an option to buy. He might give you a price and "freeze" it for you for a year, which gives you time to get your finances in order to be able to buy. If this is the case, he has an oligation to sell, but you do not have an obligation to buy.


No Costly Maintenance

  • Leasing takes the burden of costly maintenance off of your shoulders and places it on the owners. In the event that the furnace goes out, the air conditioner doesn't work, or the water heater goes out, call the owner. He is obligate to have repairs made immediately, as is called for int he lease agreement. He has to cover the repair of any and all aspects of the home that makes it "liveable." It is your job to report all problems as soon as they are known, before they become even bigger problems,


No Obligation to Stay

  • If a tenant decides they don't like the home or the neighborhood, they are not obligated to stay. If they are at the end of their lease obligation, they are free to leave. Leases usually call for the home to be cleaned just after move out. The owner will then inspect the home for damages.


Breaking the Lease for Early Exit

  • In the event that the tenant cannot stay for the entire lease period, leases are breakable. Before a lease is signed, talk with us about what might transpire if you have to leave early. The owner will usually have an "exit" in the language of the lease agreement, and there is usually a charge to break the lease early. Any up front deposit paid will be forfeited. Pay the owner the required amount, clean up after you move, and you are free to go.

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