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Lease Listing Agreement 90 days minimum to find qualified tenant

Management Agreement is 12 months

Cancel anytime with just 30 days’ notice – no fee charged

Maintenance is not up-charged


Broker Fees

First time NEW Tenant = 100% one-month rent

NO Property Management Fee charged for the 1st Month


Lease Renewal – same Tenant 75% of Gross Rent (12 month) or $395 (month to month)


To Procure NEW Tenant (after 1st 12 months) = 75% of Gross Rent + Co-Op Fee

If no Co-Op Agent involved – it’s not charged to you.


Do you have a Tenant already in place? – Startup fee $250.00 + Property Management Fee


Property Management Fees Monthly to choose from

6% - Program:  Collection and Disbursement of Rents only & Notices to Tenants

8% - Program:  Full Service Management including 3 inspections per year -Maintenance

+ 27/7 Emergency Service

10%-Program:  Full Service Management including 4 inspections per year Maintenance

+ 24/7 Emergency Service


We can customize a plan for you that fits your needs and budget


Sales Commission – If you decide to sell the house to the Tenant We Procure, Brokerage is due 3% of Sale Price or we can customize a plan for you.



Home Warranty Recommended – Reduces your Maintenance costs tremendously and streamlines the process!!

Home Warranty Example ONLY:

$430 year - $60-$75/ Trade call fee (billed to you by Home Warranty Company)

$405 year - $100/ Trade call fee (billed to you by Home Warranty Company)

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